We are Collaboration Lab- a team of consultants and professional experts whose focus is helping clients to create and grow businesses.

Our consulting service is focused specifically on helping small business owners who want to get more.  More of what?  That's up to you.  You know how you like to do business and you know what you want. Let’s start there.

You might call us Business Growth Catalysts.  We facilitate change by getting to know our clients' needs and objectives and developing custom solutions by tapping into the deep pool of knowledge, skill and experience of our partner providers.  That means our resources run the full gamut of possible solutions.

We don't claim to be gurus.  We know we can't be all things to all people.  No one can be.  That's why most consulting is much less effective than it could be.

The secret to getting significant results fast is not to try to be the smartest    person in the room. That's the most limiting habit of struggling entrepreneurs, business owners (and consultants).  You can't learn and work your way out of every challenge!  Not without taking longer than you planned, making less money than you planned,and working harder than you planned.

Instead, we focus on WHAT you want, HOW you can get it and WHO can help.Sure, we have decades of experience growing businesses through all kinds of operational, marketing and sales initiatives.  We're good at what we do.  But we're BETTER when we leverage others.  You can be, too.  That's the real secret of sustainable business growth, and getting more of what you want for yourself.

Dan Taylor, is the Prinicipal and  Co-Founder of Collaboration Lab.  He has a wide range of business experience from managing hundreds of employees or franchisees, developing national account sales, and launching an internet start up, to creating new operational efficiencies in large companies.  He also has experience running a successful small businesses of his own, right here in Denver.

We know what it's like to chase a dream.  Now, our mission is to help more business owners realize their own dreams. To send either of us an email directly, just click on our names above, or give us a call at 303.997.2719.  Whatever you'd like to discuss, we're here to help.