We start by gaining a deep understanding of our clients' needs and expectations through an in-depth interview.  Success begins with a strong working relationship, so we're careful to ensure a good fit.  Should we agree to proceed, the interview gives us a jump start on strategy.

Next, we determine the scope of services, according to each clients' situation.  Our programs and investment ranges vary widely depending on many factors, such as the client's business model, time line, budget, capabilities and objectives:

Action Plan  -  $200 Special!

Regularly priced at $1200 and up!  Six month's worth of specific action steps, custom-designed for each client.  We are so confident that we can create a valuable resource for each client to grow his or her business that we guarantee it.  If you don't like the plan, we'll refund your money.

Advisor  -  Paid as a percentage of new revenue

We grow businesses.  So, when a client wants more than the Action Plan, we put our support to the test.  More than a typical coach or a consultant, our Advisor role is like an out-sourced executive who has a stake in the client's success.  We believe that every dollar spent on consultative support should be returned many times over.  To prove it, we'll forgo fees, and agree to a portion of the revenue we help generate.

Accelerator  -  A percentage of new revenue, plus retainer

We don't use the term "transformative" lightly.  Embarking on the Accelerator program is to commit to a new vision of what business ownership can be.  Clients choosing the Accelerator are looking for a deep partnership, and to evolve-- not to just to grow business, but to change the nature of their business and their ownership experience.

Hourly Consulting  -  Free One Hour Consult, then $120 per hour

Few clients choose to work with us on an hourly basis, though we are available to do so, should that option suit a client's short term needs.  Our involvement in business development is not to impart a few nuggets of information here and there, but to change how business is done.

Our NO RISK Offer to New Clients:

Get a six month Action Plan, custom-designed for you for just $200!

Don't wonder and worry about what to do next any more.  Let us build you a road map, starting today.

Not only is it a huge discount from our regular $1200 to $2000 price, but when we agree to work with a client, we are so certain to make an impact...

We guarantee you'll love it, or it's FREE!