"Dan's initiative and insight has led to many positive changes that have improved our group's performance and growth. His work with small businesses... sets his company apart from other business consultants. He truly is a business person's partner..."

- Skip Waugh

President, The Grandville Corp

"Collaboration Lab is one of the smartest, most perceptive organizations I know.  It's rare that I meet and get to work with a organization that has the kind of capacity to absorb, synthesize, and appropriately react to any given business problem.

"On top of that, Collaboration Lab is a pleasure to work with.  They're upbeat, sincere, and a great listeners.  Wish there were more organizations like Collaboartion Lab out there."

- Ted Pearlman

Owner, Becoming Essential

"Clear and concise communication...a high level of integrity...seemingly endless knowledge...

We are proficient in our field but have been in need of support to create better marketing, infrastructure and to be up to date technologically in the current business climate.  It's such a relief to have truly knowledgeable help in these areas.

I love that the consulting is always focused on the positive and always moving forward."

- Stephani Hunter

Owner, Holistic Bodyworks