Welcome to Business Unusual

We aren't like most business support services you've encountered. 

Whether a client benefits by working with us is not about what they can do.  It isn't about what we can do.  It's about what can be done.  Period.  The "who" and "how" come later.  That's open source business: creative, collaborative, effective.

Of course, we aren't a fit for everyone.  So, are you ready for something different? 

Business is changing... Are you changing with it?

You are ready for a change.  That's why you're here.  You might have suffered right along with countless other business owners in recent months, but you aren't about to let that stop you.

We aren't your typical business consultants, but you don't need typical solutions.  Here's a sampling of the change we bring to grow our clients' businesses:


Immediate Tactical Improvements

Marketing Strategy that Works

Cash Flow that Sticks

Game-Changing Competition Smashers

The Ownership Experience They Really Want


Welcome to Results

We aren't fond of wasting time, recycling ideas, or bottle-necking progress. We seek only to facilitate the best possible outcomes for our clients, which may mean we have to address any of these areas:

Strategic Planning

Operational Analysis

Financial Analysis

Product Improvement

Sales Process

Market Positioning

Internet Strategy

Customer Satisfaction

Client Engagement

Personal Effectiveness


Get ahead of the curve.  What to do to improve your business today.

Get the on-going support you need, without  the pricey consulting fees.

A transformative approach to creating and sustaining  real growth.